Services we provide

Engine preparation, blueprinting and tuning

Our quality and dedication to excellence is proven on our three in-house dynomometers. We own and operate one Davenport Stage III, one shifter dyno and one dedicated Rotax dyno.

All our dynos provide a wide array of channels that we monitor and use to tune each motor to its maximum performance.

Each and every customer gets a dyno sheet showing the horsepower and torque curves as well as a conversation with our tuning expert (Clay) on the nuances of each motor and how best to tune for your conditions.

Support continues after the motor is in use and we are always available to help tune our motors!

We stand by our motors, and are proud of our work!

Creating the best engine!

Creating the best engine starts with good machinery and a clean well thought out process. We have compartmentalized the layout of the MCR facility to feature a tear down area, inspection area, separate machining areas, parts setup, build and cleaning area and lastly a final assembly area. Each area has its own tools, measuring devices and machines that allow us to create repeatable success. We have three clean dyno rooms where we test and tune our motors before they come to you!

All this adds up to an efficient operation designed to help you win your next race.

Individual services

Some of the individual services that we provide to our full service customers, as well to other engine builders are listed below. If you do not see a particular service you are interested in listed, please call.
  • engine blueprinting
  • engine rebuilding
  • computerized dyno analysis
  • case squaring and sleeving
  • cylinder porting
  • cylinder boring and porting
  • cylinder squaring
  • combustion chamber shaping (head cutting)
  • carburetor blueprinting
  • crank truing
  • crank saver installation
  • connecting rod straightening
  • clutch blueprinting (all classes)
  • general engine maintenance
  • engine cleaning

MCR Engine Development
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