Certified Rotax service center

We do rotax engines like no-one else!

Why would you bring your expensive race engine to the local kart shop that doesn't specialize in building and tuning engines?

Do you think they can do the same job that a fully equipped engine builder, tuner and fabricator can perform?

The simple answer is NO!

Building a Rotax motor means following some very strict guidlines and rules. The fact that the rules are very stringent means that being very precise in the machining and building of the engine is very important. Every thousanth of an inch can and will make a difference. The ability of the tuner to tune the engine for your use is also very important and to know what tracks you are racing on allows us to tune your Rotax motor to your needs. A finely machined and built motor not only gives our clients more horsepower, but also higher reliability and time between rebuilds.

Rotax dyno services

We dyno all of our Rotax motors and have a database of results that allows us to compare your motor with others we have run before it. We compensate for climate and are able to tell you how your motor matches up against some of the best on the track. We can adjust the engines performace on the dyno as well and ensure it meets your expectations.

Not all Rotax's are built the same

Even though the tolerances for the Rotax program are very fine, not all Rotax engines are the same. It takes an experienced engine builder to bring the best out of any Rotax engine. We can help you on tuning at your local track as well and educate you on the do's and dont's for the Rotax engine.

The Rotax engine is one of the best karting engines on the market, let us make yours even better!


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