Our Briggs World Formula engines are #1!

Extraordinary Machining

To build a really great Briggs & Stratton World Formula engine you need extraordinary machine tools. A great deal of time is spent in machining the block and cylinder head. You are allowed to work more with these motors based on the rules, the boring and decking is very important.

We created special fixtures to bore the cylinders off the crank center line instead of using the side cover. When using the crank center line as a reference point the bore becomes much more exact, and increases performance. These are our special fixtures, made specifically for us to our specifications out of hardened tool steel.

We use a touch probe on all the pickup points before machining and the block is indicated-in by touch probes to ensure accuracy. Ask any other engine builder if they do this!

We use all diamond tooling to machine all our blocks and heads. The surface finish versus traditional carbide tooling is far better. This matters for heat transfer as well as sealing capacity due to less deviation in the surface.

This is a picture of a head cut with a diamond cutter. You can see the finish is much nicer than a regular toolbit. Click on the image to enlarge it.

We have a Newen (http://www.newen.com/) head machine that we use on all our Briggs & Stratton world formula heads to perform single point cutting. This matters to you because we get a much better seal on the valve due to valve seat concentricity and circularity. You cannot match this quality with traditional form tooling or grinding.

To see a Newen Head machine in action visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASdXyzFg59w

Our own Matt Dewing working on the Newen head machine! Read about us in the Newen Newsletter.

Time and Effort

As with all our other motors, we spend a great amount of time and effort on the dyno tuning these motors and getting them to meet our horsepower goals. Time on the dyno is important, each motor is different and you need to tune each one individually. We save all our dyno runs and we can compare your motor to others that we ran and adjust the horsepower and torque curves to meet your requirements.

We can deliver a brand new motor or rebuild your current motor, just give us a call and let us know what you want!


  • Displacement: 206
  • Bore: 2.6875
  • Stroke: 2.2
  • Compression ratio: 9.5 to 1
  • Factory Timing: 29 degrees BTDC
  • Dual Ball-Bearing, RACING Reinforced Cylinder
  • Billet Rod
  • Slotted, Stelite-Faced, Ground Cam w/ Compression Release
  • Dual, High-Silicon Valve Springs
  • PVL™ Digital Ignition System w/7,100 RPM Limiter
  • CNC D-Shape Intake Port
  • Walbro™ Round - Slide Carburetor
  • Dana™ Fire-Ring Head Gasket
  • Racing Crankshaft w/ Induction-Hardened Crankpin
  • Green™ Air Filter
  • Federal Mogul™ Moly-Coated Cam Ground, Barrel-Faced Piston
  • Chrome-Faced, Racing Only Ring Package
  • Port-Liner, Exhaust System
  • Mikuni™ Fuel Pump
  • Noram™ Clutch w/ Quick Change Sprocket Set
  • Automotive 3-Piece Valve Retainer System
  • Beefy Rocker Arm Stud Nuts

For tuning information, please read our Technical Tips page.


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